Provides an ideal route to equip international students with the skills and knowledge required for the rigours of Masters programs in Violin Making.


  • 1 semester

    880 Hours Workshop

    41 Hours Conceptual

    Exam 1st Semester

  • 2 semester

    880 Hours Workshop

    64 Hours Conceptual

    Exam 2st semester

    End of 1st Years

  • 3 semester

    880 Hours Workshop

    24 Hours Conceptual

    Exam 3st semester

  • 4 semester

    880 Hours Workshop

    49 Hours Conceptual

    Exam 4st semester

    Academia Cremonensis Degree

Academia Cremonensis provides an ideal route to equip international students with the skills and knowledge required for the rigours of Masters programs in Violin Making.

This two-year program is structured with a strong emphasis on developing practical skills and also encourages independence in all stages of the workshop by engaging in many exercises and making instruments entirely made by each student.

Classroom teaching is supported by the highest quality materials and complete equipment selected and developed by the Academia Cremonensis, so every student will experience the access to a professional work environment.

Most of the lesson hours are individual and take place in each student's workbench, in support of those practices we provide focused and collective theory lessons.

This combination of vocational education and training, in which the student's practical activities are considered the essential part of the study, is what makes the experience of all Academia Cremonensis education programs unique.

There are no "textbooks" as such as all students have constant insights and content from teachers and are encouraged to record the experiences made during the semesters, basically producing their "textbooks".

Learning in Academia Cremonensis is a noncompetitive activity.

At the end of each semester the students will have to take practical exams in total autonomy and they will have to demonstrate they have the required technical skills and to know the method of each phase of making.

There are no grades given at any level; the teachers write a detailed evaluation of the student at the end of each semester and upon successful completion of all semester exams, students receive the Academia Cremonensis foundation certificate.

Finally, Academia Cremonensis produces graduates who are technically and academically advantaged compared to their public-school counterparts and who constantly get prizes in international competitions, often with instruments built over the school years.



The Foundational course is suitable for all students interested in learning about the complete construction method of Academia Cremonensis, developing the school path more on their workbenches, in support of those practices we provide focused and collective theory lessons..

It is not necessary to have construction or training bases to be admitted to the course. The course will allow you to learn construction without previous experience.

The only fundamental requirement for admission will be to demonstrate one’s determination and constancy, conditional requirements for undertaking this type of career.



Mandatory documents
-Curriculum Vitae in English or Italian.
-A study proposal in English or Italian (600 to 800 words).
-Language skills declaration 
-Identity Card or Passport.


Optional documents
-A letter of recommendation.
-Research experience.
-Teaching experience.
-Additional professional experience.

In addition, the Departments’ selection committee may decide to interview the candidate.  



-Enhance all the phases of the violinmaking process by:
                           - The application of traditional techniques
                           - Players-centered design solutions
                           - Creation of a personal method.
-Develop an eye that recognizes key details in historical instruments
-Learn about the technological properties of the wood and the production costs of an instrument to take the best decisions in the course of its development.

-Ability to create an instrument wit Academia Cremonensis style, from the conceptual phase to the technical development.
-Ability to apply the knowledge acquired from the selection of materials, to the transformation in all processes.
-Ability to use the instruments built at school as a validation tool for personal projects.


Combining both academic and work-based skills, your foundational degree is a gateway to some exciting options. If you’ve enjoyed your course you might decide to top up your degree with another year’s study, or you may prefer to take your skills straight into the workplace.
If you are considering to start your career, many employers will value the vocational focus of your foundational degree, and the practical skills and experience you can bring.

Course details

Teachers: Giovanni Colonna, Nicholas Gamberini, Luca Maria Gallo






MONDAY TO SATURDAY 8:00h TO 13:00h AND 14:00 TO 16:00




Academia Cremonensis, via Giovanni Maria Platina, 66, 26100, Cremona, Italy


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