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Are you thinking of enrolling in the violin making academy and you would love to live in the World’s Capital of Violinmaking for one, two or three years? Then you are likely to be eligible for the Academia Cremonensis scholarship & grants open call!


The scholarships are designed to reward academic achievement and promote educational progress. If you are looking forward to starting your career or are returning to school to develop new skills, earning a scholarship is a significant achievement. In terms of economic benefits, scholarships are particularly attractive for young people who want to pursue a career relying on their commitment, and reserving their savings for the time when school ends and they have to start their business. Furthermore, receiving a scholarship is a positive note to add to your resume and can open the door to opportunities for future collaborations and jobs. Academia Cremonensis also takes all requests for grants very seriously, and there are not rare cases in which a young luthier, despite not having great financial possibilities, has been able to embark on a brilliant career, reversing the fate of himself and his family. This is why you shouldn't hesitate to write us your story, and your idea of ​​the career you would like to pursue, we will certainly help you find the right option for you.


Academia Cremonensis allows outstanding emerging luthiers from all over the world to achieve two years of Foundational or a one-year Master in Cremona - Italy. There is no "typical" Academia Cremonensis Scholar, but those who are successful tend to have ambition, innate qualities such as manual dexterity, discipline, imagination and a strong academic background. We encourage you to apply if you meet our eligibility criteria and other requirements. Your gender, age (there is no upper age limit), sexual orientation, religion, marital or parental status, caste, class or other attributes are not important to us. What matters is your ability to present strong demand that demonstrates that you are capable of excelling in an intense lutherie course in Cremona and that you have a clear vision for your future - and perhaps that of your industry or country as well. . Further information on Academia Cremonensis eligibility and work experience requirements to assess your eligibility will be provided in a Skype call or in-person meeting.


APPLICATIONS ARE SIFTED AGAINST ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA. The teachers' committee, the Director and the President evaluate all eligible applications. APPLICANTS SHORTLISTED FOR INTERVIEWS Once the commission has reviewed the applications that were passed on to them, they produce a shortlist of those who they will invite to interview. Notifications will then follow. Congratulations if you make it this far! INTERVIEWS TAKE PLACE Applicants from all over the world are interviewed in person or on Skype and the commission communicates the decision on each scholarship. RESULTS After months of preparation and trepidation, the most prepared candidates will experience jubilation as the results of the interview are announced from early June onwards. STARTING STUDIES IN CREMONA Academia Cremonensis 2021/2022 scholars begin their studies in Italy and enter an international network which they will be part of for the rest of their lives!

To complete the scholarship application, download the form below and follow the submission procedure.
For any further information contact us, we will be happy to show you the most suitable solution.

Hurry up, you can send your application form by next June 2021.