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Do you want to plan your summer?

Take part in a new educational experience, discover the available courses of the Summer School 2022.
One, two or three months of intensive courses at the academy's laboratories.

The Academia Summer School

Why A.C. Summer School?

The time spent in the laboratory is never enough for the many students who come to Cremona to study violin making, and never as this year is it important to engage in practice and if possible to make a finished violin in the most pleasant months, the summer ones.

Hence the idea of creating practical training workshops, which take place in one, two or three months (June, July and September), held by expert Masters in the different phases of construction and specifically studied in content, offering methods and techniques for immediate use.

Classroom teaching is supported by materials of the highest quality, by complete equipment, selected and developed by Academia Cremonensis itself. In this way, each student will be able to experience a highly professional work environment, in a unique cultural and social context of violin making, acquiring professional responsibilities.

Why do our summer courses work?

-They are a real concentrate of information and techniques treated by experts
-Because practice prevails over theory
-The interaction between the participating students allows an immediate comparison and a reciprocal exchange of experiences thanks to shared knowledge
-Thanks to a high-level academic context, you will be able to strengthen your knowledge but also your soft skills
-The best materials are provided to make a professional violin
-The violins produced during the course remain with the students
-The theory supported by practical work is fun!

Summer Courses

Test yourself, choose your Summer School!


Hours | 1 Week (Total 35 hours)

Who is it for | Ideal for those who have little time and want to update their professional skills
Cost | 700 €


Hours | 2 Week (Total 70 hours)

Who is it for | Ideal for those who work or study and can continue the work done in class at home
Cost | 1'400 €


Hours | 1 Month (Total 140 hours)

Who is it for | Dedicated to those who, thanks to the personalized work plan, want to achieve the goal of completing a violin in the summer months
Cost | 2'800 € 

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