Why Academia Cremonensis

Academia Cremonensis is an international academy of violin-making and bow-making located in the noble palace Mina-Bolzesi, built in the centre of Cremona.

This exceptionally building inspires the students and teachers in their daily work and education. The Academia holds a strong position in the cultural life of the city and it is an important meeting point.

The Academia Cremonensis offers four complete one-year Master programs in violin-making and a unique intensive two-year Foundational course designed for all students who do not have sufficient experience and practical skills in the construction of the violin.

Graduates are able to work independently in their laboratory. The Masters issued by the Academy allow graduates to work independently in their workshop or to access the many job opportunities that this sector allows. Graduates carry the title of Master of Violin-Making.

Academia Cremonensis has created 24 Certificate courses for those students who are unable to move to Cremona for long periods but intend to deepen their work methodologies and hone their skills. 17 short Taster courses have been designed for all violinmaking enthusiasts who want to enter the world of Academia Cremonensis.

Classroom teaching is supported by the highest quality materials and complete equipment selected and developed by the Academia Cremonensis, so every student will experience the access to a professional work environment. They also have knowledge of the cultural and social context of violin making, taking their professional responsibilities seriously.

Most of the lesson hours are individual and take place in each student's workbench, in support of those practices we provide focused and collective theory lessons.

This combination of vocational education and training, in which the student's practical activities are considered the essential part of the study, is what makes the experience of all Academia Cremonensis education programs unique.

There are no "textbooks" as such as all students have constant insights and content from teachers and are encouraged to record the experiences made during the semesters, basically producing their "textbooks".

Learning in Academia Cremonensis is a noncompetitive activity.

Finally, Academia Cremonensis produces graduates who are technically and academically advantaged compared to their public-school counterparts and who constantly get prizes in international competitions, often with instruments built over the school years.



Academia Cremonensis, via Giovanni Maria Platina, 66, 26100, Cremona, Italy


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